Corneal Abrasions can be mechanical from a scratch or chemical. History is important to determine cause and treatment. What scratched the eye, when did it happen, is there something still trapped in the cornea or under the eyelid. If chemical has the pH neutralized.

There are several causes for red, painful eyes with or without discharge. Bacterial, Viral and Allergic are among the most common and they are all treated differently. Some are very contagious and an eye doctor can help you from being the cause of an eye care epidemic at work, home or school. Call us at (918) 879-5055.

Foreign matter in the eye often requires specialized tools and equipment to visualize and remove. Whether it is metal, wood, ceramics, glass, biological or rock to name a few can make the night miserable as you try and sleep and enter into REM and now that trapped material starts rubbing against the eyelid or cornea, the sharp pain is almost certain to you awake. Call us at (918) 879-5055 before trying to sleep it off.

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Orbital and eye contusions are common with a fall, auto accident, fight or during sports it is important to have them checked out to make sure no damage was done to the retina or extraocular muscles. Vision loss, double vision, muscle entrapment and retinal tears are very possible with these types of injuries. Call us at (918) 879-5055, and have an eye doctor evaluate eye injuries..