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Eye injury

Eye injuries often can not wait for regular office hours. It is the season we become more active and have greater potential to encounter an eye injury. In the Tulsa area call (918)879-5055.

Spring in Oklahoma

What does spring in Oklahoma mean to your eyes? Wind, blowing dust, pollen, wildfires and smoke, weeds and yard work all come to mind.  As the weather warms, we find ourselves outdoors more and in the elements.  There is a definite uptick in eye injuries during this season from bikers, gardeners, athletes and spectators.  If you experience an eye Read More …

ER or an Eye Doctor

Last time you had your eyes checked remember all that specialized equipment they had to test and examine your eyes; now remember the last time you were in an emergency room. They didn’t have the specialized equipment needed to properly examine your eyes. This is why you must consult with and eye care professional over Read More …