Eye infection treated with the wrong medication

Wrong medication

Had a recent patient seen by urgent care and given a steroid antibiotic for his red eye. After treating it for two weeks with no improvement and deteriorating vision he decides he should be seen by an “eye doctor for his eye problem”.

He called 918.879.5055, and came into be evaluated. After a short problem focused exam and a smattering of history questions from our team, the diagnosis of a herpetic keratitis was given and proper treatment was initiated. What was needed was the correct equipment, dyes and knowledge of the eyes and ocular health.


The medication given by the urgent care was not appropriate because the general rule is not to put a steroid on the eye with active epithelial involvement because this make the viral infection worse. The antibiotic didn’t directly harm, but it may have delayed him seeking appropriate care quicker.

This will likely scar and cause reduced visual acuity. This condition can recur as it is the same virus that causes shingles and fever blisters. If you have a red eye that is irritating you should be seen by and eye doctor. This would be considered an eye emergency. If you are in Tulsa and you have an eye emergency callĀ 918.879.5055